Kane Family Foundation Associates Degree Scholarship

The Kane Family Foundation has generously provided this scholarship to high achieving high school seniors seeking an Associate degree at PPCC. This scholarship will cover full tuition, mandatory course fees and required course books for four semesters at PPCC. Recipients of this award are expected to complete the requirements for the Associate Degree at PPCC in no more than four consecutive semesters.

Full tuition, fees and books
High School Senior
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you seeking an Associates Degree from PPCC?
  2. Please request a second recommendation from one individual who is not a family member and who knows you well; preferably a teacher, school advisor, or employer. This cannot be the same person you used as a reference for the general application. You should notify this individual to expect an email from us. You are responsible for ensuring your reference provider completes this request online before the deadline. You can monitor whether or not a requested reference has been submitted and resend a request to a reference via the "References" button. If using PPCC faculty, send to their ppcc.edu email, NOT their D2L or ucourses.com email address. Your reference provider will be asked the following questions: 1. How long and in what capacity have you known this individual, 2. Please explain whether or not you feel this individual is deserving of a scholarship, and 3. General Comments. They will also be asked to rate you on your dependability, motivation, leadership, ability to get along with others, ethical and moral character and likelihood of academic success.